It's not easy understanding we are sinners. We want to think we are not that bad and there are people who are worse. This is normal. When a person really understands what sin is and it makes you guilty before God, it makes coming to Him in faith possible.

I am going to ask you a series of questions. Think about the answers and then write them down.

Question 1 - Have you ever told a lie? It doesn't matter if it was an itsy-bitsy or a big one. A lie is a lie. Take this opportunity to write down every lie you can remember telling.

Question 2 - Have you ever used God's name or Jesus Christ's name as a curse word? Yes or No will suffice.

Question 3 - Have you ever stolen anything. Value does not matter. Taking, or keeping something that does not belong to you is stealing. I'd like you to list as many instances of stealing that you can remember.

Question 4 - Have you ever committed adultery? Yes or No. If yes, write down the number of times you did.

Question 5 - Have you ever wanted something that someone else had so badly that you would do or say anything to get it? Money, cars, houses, toys of various kinds, someone else's mate, tools, clothing, etc, etc. If you can remember it, write it down.

Question 6 - Have you ever murdered someone? Gasp!! "Of course not!" Don't be quick to say no.

Take your time and give this a great deal of thought. When you're ready, check your answers.