For The Love Of The Book



For The Love Of The Book

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For Love Of The Book

ISBN 978-0-9988041-0-1

For Love of the Book is the smallest and hardest hitting book you’ll ever read. This short but packed work is an intentional hit-and-run. Will you be left for dead—or will your life be better because of it?

Who's at fault for the mess this world is in? What is it going to take to get us out?

To understand where we’re headed, find out where we’ve been and how we got here. The direction must be reversed. Our country and the lives of those we love depend on us and the information in this book. Don't let them down. Now is the time for many to become an army of one.

For Love of the Book inspires readers:

How valuable is a well-functioning family to you? Imagine family members who:

These notions are not fanciful; they’re real and at your fingertips. They aren’t easy — nothing worthwhile is — but if you want them enough and are willing to do what it takes, they are possible. Everyone needs to become better acquainted with God’s Word and I provide many tips for studying it effectively.

For Love of the Book's most important objective is present readers with an opportunity to have a change of heart about sin and learn what Jesus Christ did for us two thousand years ago.

You’ll find this book easy to understand, efficient, and you’ll most assuredly find something that you didn’t know. From the outset, this book’s objective has been to introduce you to the Book that changed history and transforms the present and the future, not once, but innumerable times. Every time the Word of God impacts a life, things change. This has been happening for millennia to millions of people.

Dubious that a book of less than sixty pages can deliver all this? See for yourself.

So, read 9,000 words and see what changes.